Working with David Leblang, I am currently a TRAC Fellow as I use data on key components of interior immigration enforcement in the United States. We are currently working with data on detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Detainer requests are requests to hold people who have been arrested for a few more days as their immigration status is verified and ICE considers whether to initiate deportation proceedings. From 2002-May 2019, over 2 million detainer requests have been placed with local law enforcement agencies. I created the GIF below to display the counties where these requests were placed each month during this time period. In the GIF, I used the log base 10 of detainer requests to help show how widespread ICE detainer requests are.

Working with Elise Geissler and Jeffrey C. Johnson, I have explored dynamic network visualization with UNHCR's dyadic refugee data. You can view a video of this visualization here.

We have also created GIFs displaying Syrian and Somali refugee outflows since 1985:

Using data on government-perpetrated violence against refugees (here) and refugee inflows from UNHCR, we also created the tiled heat map below:

Working with Adam Lichtenheld, I have assembled data on internal displacement flows and territorial control in Syria to create the following GIF. Here, light blue arrows represent IDP flows. Dots are communities colored based on territorial control: green is Kurdish-controlled, blue is opposition-controlled, black is government-controlled, and red is ISIS-controlled.