Welcome to my website!

About Me

I am a Political Science PhD Candidate at Indiana University Bloomington. I use a variety of time series analyses, spatial analyses, event count modelling, and fieldwork to pursue my interests in conflict, migration, and the political economy of development. I approach these topics through the lens of the relational approach to contentious politics . 

Current Research

I have an ongoing research interest in conflict-induced migration. My dissertation research analyzes information diffusion during conflict, and how that information affects civilian migration decisions. This research employs interviews with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey, and the United States. I have also conducted interviews with Somali refugees in Kenya and the United States.

My related research uses daily displacement and violence data to test theories on the causes of displacement and how civilians select displacement destinations in the context of conflict in Somalia.

In addition, I have ongoing collaborative projects on pro-government militias, host state responses to migrant and refugee flows, and the distributive politics of solar power in Ghana.