About Me

My name is Justin Schon. I am a Senior Research Analyst at AidData and a Non-Resident Fellow in the Democratic Statecraft Lab.

I am interested in explaining migration dynamics:

1) Whether, when, where, and how people move; and

2) Intersections with armed conflict, climate change, public health, and development. 

My book with Cambridge University Press examines civilian survival strategies during conflict with a focus on the Syrian civil war. I have peer-reviewed articles accepted or published in Comparative Political StudiesEnvironmental Research LettersPolitical Geography (x2), Journal of Refugee Studies, Civil Wars, International Interactions, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Social Structure, Perspectives on Politics, Oxford Research Encyclopedia, PLOS ONE, and Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. 

I actively pursue public scholarship opportunities as well, with pieces published in a special issue of Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS) essays on coronavirus in the Middle East, an invited perspective for the Department of Defense's Strategic Multilayer Assessment program, and an essay in the Migration Policy Institute's Migration Information Source. I also have pieces published at The Conversation, Wilson Center's New Security BeatThe Washington Post's The Monkey Cage, Political Violence @ a Glance, OECD's Development Matters, Duck of Minerva, and Syria Comment.