About Me

My name is Justin Schon. I am a Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Florida. For more on the post-doc project, "Towards a Multi-Scale Theory on Coupled Human Mobility and Environmental Change" click here.

I am interested in the modelling of migration, armed conflict, and development. While I do a great deal of quantitative modelling of spatial, temporal, and network dynamics, I have also used fieldwork to generate qualitative insights. My book manuscript, which is currently under review, examines civilian survival strategies during conflict with a focus on the Syrian civil war. Closely related work is published in the Journal of Peace Research. I have also modeled internal displacement dynamics in Somalia, yielding publications in Journal of Refugee Studies, Civil Wars, and Journal of Social Structure. In addition, I have created new data on African pro-government militias with Yehuda Magid, yielding a publication in International Interactions. I also have forthcoming work in Political Geography with Jennifer N. Brass, Elizabeth Baldwin, and Lauren M. MacLean on the spatial distribution of solar panels in Ghana.

Currently, I have a variety of ongoing research projects, including research on the spatial dynamics of development, rumor diffusion in conflict zones, the violence-internal displacement relationship, and modelling global refugee flows. I also consult through the Network Science Institute at the University of Florida on a project that is studying health care networks in Haiti.

In addition, I co-organized the Data Driven Development in Africa Workshop 2018. Please see the list of papers here.